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Muntinlupa City

The Muntinlupa is the southernmost city in Metro Manila. It is bordered on the north by Taguig City; to the northwest by Parañaque City; by Las Piñas City to the west; to the southwest by the municipality of Bacoor, Cavite; by the city of San Pedro, Laguna; and by Laguna de Bay to the east, the largest lake in the country. It is nicknamed the "Emerald City of the Philippines". According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 379,310.
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  • Camella Homes main office, Tina Palermo (guest) wrote 26 days ago:
    I encountered the same problem . Camella Homes is such a big BULLSHIT. The sales peep told me if I get an RFO, meaning a ready for occupancy unit , paid the the down payment in full and made the advance 3 monthly amortization, I can move in and it will not take more than 3 months. They even gave me a timeline of 45 days. Now , they are telling me it will take 6 months or more. After I had made all the payments! Where is their professionalism and word of honor? Mr. Manny Villar, pls act on this pls....
  • MUNTINLUPA GOSPEL CHURCH, Sweet (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    Muntinlupa Gospel Church is Located along the part of Laguna Lake in the Philippines. It is a beautiful place to worship our God. It is conducive for personal devotion or prayer anytime you want. Through the years, the church has produced many workers. They have gone establishing outreaches and planting churches. Most of the members are students and young professionals. The Church is continuing its efforts in training and equipping new breed of young leaders for the task of the ministry. The Lord continuously helping us to overcome many problems, trials and difficulties and many other things that we have gone through. It has been a good testimony to tell the world that our Almighty God is alive.
  • Filinvest Socialized Housing, Kalma (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    taga bldg 1
  • Southernside Montessori School, Andrew Consolacion (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    As a parent, i am bothered on how the coriculumn of this school is being set up for the students specially for the K12 program. I am not convinced that they are optimizing the previlages of the students. My daughter is in 11th year now and is part of the pioneers of the K 12 Learning program. To my surprize, when she asked me about a thesis. For what i know it is bekng tackled in the major subjects in college but to them itis being required. What is the teachers doing? These type of projects are dodging systems for teachers not to do their task... guys... get it in to your heads that you should be preparing your students for the college andnot boasting that your touching on matters that only tought in the majors. How about the PE subject.. asking us to pay swimming lessons for our child so you can grade them ? Is it not included in the school fees already? Swimmingnis something k can enrol mh daughter in summer... and instructors Encourage ladies to go on and swim even durjng their menstral period. Just a quick question.... if skmethjng happens to my daughter during the PE lessons, who will be responsible for it... coz as far as i kmow there is no assurance from the administration. Now they are requiring the students to plan interviews with psychiatrist for fome adolicent transition effects. Is it not the teachers job to teach them an not let them learn for themselves? If thats the case then might as well i spend and enrol her on a home learnkng school since all your teachers are useless. Its beyound dissapointment that my daughter is being groomed at this standard. If your a parent and reading this right now, please check your students learning curve... its not because they are getting high grades means all is fine. Check what they know and how their minds are being fed. What they know now predicts where they will be in the future.
  • Darren Empire, HabagaT wrote 3 months ago:
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